January 10, 2012

Day 6 : Sneak peek... soldes! (translation: French sales!)

Just in time for our arrival... French Sales start in Paris tomorrow! We've been hearing so much about it from our classmates that Yasuyo, Jennifer and I decided to head over to Printemps and Galeries Lafayette earlier this evening for a sneak peek. Ah, so many of the sales were tempting, but happy to say I resisted on indulging in some retail therapy. Well, at least for now...

The French Sales are expected to run for the next three weeks, and while some of the deals look irresistible now, my new french friends have advised me to try and avoid shopping this week--many of the items could be marked down as much as 70%-80% off in the final week! The only downside, my favorite items might be gone by then...

Shopping in Paris | Printemps department store

Russian treats and French macarons galore! | Pâtisserie Café Pouchkine @ Printemps

Christmas window display | Pâtisserie Café Pouchkine @ Printemps

Gold macarons! | Pâtisserie Café Pouchkine @ Printemps

Paris shopping continues... | Galeries Lafayette

GL = killing two birds with one stone = sightseeing + shopping! | Galleries Lafayette Paris flagship store

Simply Spectacular. | Famous Stained-glass Dome @ Galeries Lafayette

What a bargain... my favorite bed and bath linen on sale @ Galeries Lafayette! | Yves Delomes

I love these mini chaises! | Soldes @ Galeries Lafayette

Yes, gotta test drive them... Cecile-Approved! | Soldes @ Galeries Lafayette

What another bargain... EUR 99,00! (Carol: wouldn't these look lovely in your apartment?) | Soldes @ Galeries Lafayette

Lego Block Storage Bins! Brilliant. | Soldes @ Galeries Lafayette

Interesting Chinese-inspired Nesting Dolls Storage Bins (I think..) | Soldes @ Galeries Lafayette

Usually not a fan of faux flower arrangements, but these look pretty close to the real thing! | Soldes @ Galeries Lafayette

See... don't they look real?! | Soldes @ Galeries Lafayette

Practical Genius: The flowers can also be scented! | Soldes @ Galeries Lafayette

Scented Faux "couture" flower arrangements by Herve Gambs | Soldes @ Galeries Lafayette

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