January 16, 2012

Day 12 : "The Red Carpet" treatment... in Paris!

I love Paris. Why? A million reasons. The list keeps growing each day I'm here, and today reason No. 346 is my latest find: The Red Carpet insoles!

Luxury Insoles (shown in noir) | The Red Carpet Paris

Ever since my old uni days in Scotland (where I had no choice but to walk over a mile to class everyday!), I've gotten in the habit of walking everywhere rather than taking public transportation. I've discovered it's a great way to really get to know each new city I visit. Here on the streets of Paris, though, I must admit my feet are getting quite a beating, as well as my poor old favorite Tod's ballerina dees that I'm literally wearing to death... :-(

Thankfully, the shoe gods have come to my rescue! 

While out and about this afternoon doing some retail/consumer "research," I came across this fantastic new product:

The beauty of practical genius = these super comfy insoles | The Red Carpet Paris
I know what you're probably thinking, "Okay wait, aren't those just over-priced, jazzed-up shoe insoles?" For those of you who prefer to invest in your wardrobe outside of shoes, I must agree--you're probably right. It wouldn't really make sense to get these. Dr. Scholl's will do.

However, for those of you lucky enough to own a pretty pair of heels or two (à la Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahniks, or my said Tod's), then I'm sure you've grimaced before at the sight of your prized heels (or treasured ballet flats in my case) showing signs of "being loved too much," as I like to put it. When the outsoles lose their luster, your trusty local cobbler has become your best friend at helping you revive your precious babies and keeping your shoes looking their finest.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the interior. Like the delicate hands of a woman, the insoles of a shoe often reveal its true age. If you're like me, your heart always sinks at the sight of the luxurious interiors wearing away because deep down, you know it means the days of your darling twins are numbered. For years, I've always wanted to figured out how I could preserve or restore the insoles and keep them looking as a gorgeous as the first day I bought them. Adding extra padding can sometimes make a shoe feel too tight and too uncomfortable. Other times, gel pads (which I've resorted to) can add better comfort, but often ruin the allure of the luxurious interior. While I am a firm believer of comfort over fashion and design, I also believe that both can co-exist.

Enter The Red Carpet insoles. These glamorous (and comfy!) insoles are the brainchild of Claire Vidal, a former commutations director who came about the idea after touring countless auto shows around the world (in heels!) during her previous career. Created in 2010, The Red Carpet insoles seem to be available only at Galeries Lafayette and a few select retailers in Paris, though they're also available online :-) At 29.50 per set, I should add that they do cost a bit more than your normal Dr. Scholl's, but then again, your Christian Louboutin or Manolo Blahniks (and my Tod's) aren't exactly your typical shoe... They deserve better, i.e. they deserve the red carpet treatment (pun intended :-p). Even if these insoles cost a few dollars more, I still think it's worth it. As the inner finance nerd in me would reason, from an ROI perspective, it's a small price to pay to give extra life to your precious babies, and more importantly, heaven on your feet :-)
You're welcome, my dear little Tod's :-) | The Red Carpet Paris

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