January 15, 2012

Day 11 : "I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

I thought I had seen it all here in Paris when I stumbled across the window display of hanging dead rats last weekend. Well, apparently, it seems not...

I woke up early this morning thinking I would head over to Galeries Lafayette with Yasuyo to check out more French Sales today and run some errands. However, once I stepped out onto the high street, I was soon enough reminded that it's Sunday. No one works on Sundays (i.e. all stores closed--even my local Franprix!).

Anyway, while walking back home, I was, yet again, caught off guard when I spotted this outside a pharmacy in my neighborhood:

"Pardon-moi. Est-ce que vous avez du change pour cinq billets?" | Durex vending machine on a street corner in Passy

Umm... Wow. Is that what I think it is?! Shouldn't this be inside a night club? and not on the streets of a quiet part of Paris?

For all of my non-Parisian friends, you'll be relieve to know that I do NOT live in the red-light district of Paris. In fact, as I've been told by my classmates, my neighborhood is suppose to be one of the nicest, safest residential parts of this city (think Chelsea in London or maybe UE or UW in New York). As you can imagine, I was quite confused by the sight of this and even did a double-take before collecting photographic evidence.

I'm not sure what to make of it... All I can say is that I definitely must be in the "City of Love"--that or maybe this is the French way of advocating birth control?

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