January 14, 2012

Day 10 : Traditional french cuisine from those who know it best...locals!

What a week! and what a busy Saturday! Time sure does fly...

After nearly 10 days settling into my new apartment, I finally learned how to operate my new induction stovetop! Yay! Of course, rather than cook my first proper meal at home tonight, I decided to head out for dinner instead with the lovely Mademoiselle Yasuyo and Monsieur Kurt. Seeing that we were in France, Yausyo's Parisian friend Edouard wanted to make sure we sampled "real" traditional french cuisine while we were here and introduced us to one of his favorite spots, Café Constant on 139 rue Saint-Dominique in the 7e arrondissement near La Tour Eiffel.

While this little quaint restaurant is tucked away in one of the most touristy neighborhoods of Paris (and seems to be very popular with tourists), I can happily assure you that you won't be paying tourist prices for the incredibly delightful and authentic french dishes on the menu of this "hidden gem." Given that Café Constant does not take reservations and is quite popular with both tourists and locals, Edouard mentioned that it's always best to arrive around 7:00pm here if you want to grab a table without waiting.

All in all, with delicious food, great wine, entertaining conversation and wonderful company, our gastronomic french adventure this evening was the perfect way to celebrate my first full week in Paris!

Cafe Constant | 7e arrondissement

Deviled eggs = very french indeed. These were so light and airy... and very yummy, too! | Oeufs mimosa (aka. deviled eggs) @ Cafe Constant

Incredibly delicious. Enough said. | Crab cake @ Cafe Constant

Perfection. Why does smoked salmon seem to taste better in France? | Smoked salmon @ Cafe Constant

Americans take note: proper portion for a main course. Just enough to satisfy your hunger and keep you craving more, but not too much to make you feel sick as if you'll die of a heart attack soon...| Roasted Chicken with herb butter and roasted potatoes @ Cafe Constant

Very tender, but surprisingly, the most delightful part of the meal was the mashed potatoes. a.ma.zing. | Duck with mash potatoes @ Cafe Constant

Any dessert with ice cream is always a winner in my book :-) | Profiteroles with ice cream and chocolate sauce @ Cafe Constant

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