January 13, 2012

Day 9 : Cultural immersion continues... how to be a French domestic goddess

Clearly it's something I still haven't mastered...

After a busy week and another busy day catching up on work, I decided to stay in this evening to relax... and by relax, I mean clean :-) Yes, as many of you who know me well, I strangely enough love to clean, iron, cook or bake when I feel like de-stressing. Something about getting the house in order always makes me feel more productive, and when I'm feeling productive, I'm feeling happy :-)

Unfortunately, as I've quickly learned this week, the simple things in life back home are actually not so simple when you're forced not to use english. Exhibit A (below): doing laundry.

It's already bad enough that I can't seem to figure out how to work my induction stovetop, but now it seems I can't work my laundry machine either :-(

"Qoui?! Qu'est-ce cela? Ça ne marche pas?" | The french dashboard of my washer/dryer machine... what does this mean?

"Umm, wow, are you sure this is a washing machine? Looks more like a spaceship to me..." | Laundry capsule of my washer/dryer machine

Probably the only time (and kind) of "dirty laundry" I intend to share on the internet :-p | Towels inside my "laundry spaceship vessel"

Victory of the night: discovered my favorite laundry detergent from uni at my local Monoprix! | Ariel laundry detergent

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