January 18, 2012

Day 14 : This will blow your mind... It really does take "Just 1"!

WARNING: What I am about to write below may be too much information for your ears to handle (or not), but I felt it was too important (and too amazing) not to share...

Yes, I'll repeat again--please forgive me. I like to keep things real on this blog, and I will not think it below myself to write about toilet paper because let's face it--TP is a necessity of life. Well, at least it should be in my book. Anyway, lately all of the brilliant things I've discovered in France seem to be found at my local supermarché, and once again today, I've stumbled upon pure brilliance avec Lotus Just 1 toilet paper!

The next best thing since sliced bread! | Lotus Just 1 toilet paper

I really wish I could mail you all a roll of this amazing TP! Sadly I cannot, which makes me wonder why I have not seen anything like this in the States??

Without divulging too much detail, I can confirm that indeed it does take just one sheet to get the job done. How you ask? Well, upon closer inspection of the product (yes, I like to take a scientific approach to my research), it turns out that each sheet of Just 1 toilet paper actually seems to be made up of five tinier pieces that have essentially been fused together on the ends! The toilet paper itself is actually very thick and soft--very similar in texture to a Viva paper towel, hence its super absorbent power.

Since I cannot mail you all a roll to try out for yourselves (and since I doubt I'll find anything better in the States), I am super tempted to stock up and stuff one of my luggages full of these Just 1 TPs when I fly back home. You think I'm kidding, but I am not--I am dead serious. I've never raved about TP before, so you can take more word--it. will. seriously. blow. your. mind.

As for all of you non-believers out there, well as silly as it sounds, I've actually decided to send some "sample" sheets to a lucky few of you, so be on the look out... :-p  Haha that's right. Some very special TP could be coming your way!

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