January 17, 2012

Day 13 : Mastering the Art of French Cooking

What a fabulous night it was! After two weeks in France, I'm happy to say I'm finally all settled in my new apartment here in my Paris (both stovetop and laundry machine are now working!). To celebrate the occasion and unwind from my three-hour french class earlier today, I decided to invite Mademoiselle (Mlle) Y over for a good old-fashion girls' night sleepover :-)

Of course being in Paris, we had to do it the french way. Stopped by the supermarché after school to pick up a lovely bottle of wine, plus a few ingredients so I could whip up a few nibbles and finally put my kitchen to good use...

Voilà! Are you impressed with my culinary skills? ;-)

Aperitifs I made whipped up Girl's Night In... ;-) | Insalata Caprese & Hummus served on edible spoons

Okay, I must confess that I cheated a little... Found this box of awesomeness at my local Monoprix:

The French sure know how to make anything look elegant! | Jacques Les Bouchées Créatives

The french sure know how to make anything look elegant (and so effortless!). Martha Stewart, eat your your heart out ;-)

Several hours of girl talk and and a big empty bottle of wine later, the tipsy Miss Y and I naturally found ourselves craving some good ol' American fast food. Evidently, while french food always seem to look and taste incredibly amazing, on the downside, the small european portions never ever seem to be really filling...

Hence, with fifteen minutes before closing, the two of us decided to make a midnight run (literally!) to my nearby McDonald's and proudly ordered a Happy Meal each (en français I might add :-p). I'm sure many of you are probably shaking your heads right now thinking, "Of all the yummy goodness you could eat in Paris, you go and order McDonald's?! Geez, you can get that anytime here the States!" I won't lie--it was a moment of weakness on both our parts. Being slightly inebriated, we clearly weren't thinking straight, so you'll have to forgive our lapse in judgement. Though, in Mickey D's defense, I will have to admit that we didn't regret it either... the Chicken McNuggets in Paris are so goooooood! and sooooooo much better than in the US, I swear! Go ahead, be jealous... it maybe McDonald's in Paris, but it's also not McDonald's in the States :-)

C'est moi. Midnight run to McDonald's. Proud to say I ordered my Happy Meal en français | McDonald's @ Passy

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