January 5, 2012

Day 1 : supermarket run!

After a smooth long-haul flight to London and a minor delay at Heathrow, happy to say I finally made it safe and sound here in Paris this evening! Of course, even before I could unpack my bags, my stomach insisted I make a quick dash to Franprix before it closed (at 10pm!) ... look at all the goodies I found on my first field trip to the supermarché!

Left to Right: Benenuts Bacon-flavored(!) 3D Bugles, Evian water, Innocent Kiwi-Apple-Banana Juice (feels like I'm back in the UK!), and fresh eggs.
(P.S. My new landlord was so thoughtful--stocked up my new kitchen with a Nespresso variety pack to test out the new machine. Ah, if only I drank coffee...)

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