January 6, 2012

Day 2 : French Etiquette 101

Il fait du soleil! Bright and early start at ESSEC | Cergy, France

Despite being severely jet-lagged, I somehow managed to survive a full day of orientation at ESSEC! Overall, it was fun meeting all of the other exchange students (50 students in total from N.America, S.America, Asia, and Australia) and getting a tour of the campus. To be honest, though, much of the day was a blur for me as my body desperately wanted to go back to sleep...

However, you'll be happy to hear I managed to stay awake during our French Etiquette 101 session, which I found quite amusing :-) Thought you'd enjoy some of the key takeaways I learned today:

Rule No. 1 : Be polite and greet each person you meet with "Bonjour" or "Bonsoir."

Rule No. 2 : When in France, master the art of "air kissing." The number of kisses depends on which region you are in, but in general, one should greet a friend with a kiss on each cheek.

Rule: No. 3 : Whatever you do, do NOT kiss your professors!

Too funny. gotta love Rule No. 3 ;-)

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