January 25, 2012

Day 22 : Part One - Prada's 24H Museum!

Ah, it's finally here--Paris Fashion Week that is! To be honest, after such a hectic first few weeks in France, I almost forgot about PFW--though, thankfully I was reminded of it yesterday while catching up on my WWD news! In fact, I came across this cool article of things to see and do as part of the "Paris Couture" scene. 

Being a huge fan of contemporary art, Prada's "24 h Museum" instantly caught my eye. As luck would have it, Muccia Prada and her husband debuted the Pop-up Museum last night at the Palais d'Iéna--right down the street from my apartment! Clearly there was no excuse for me not to go! Given that the museum would only be open for literally 24 hours(!), however, I knew it was best if I tried to beat the crowds by waking up bright and early today so I could check it out when it opened at 7:00am (sounds hardcore, I know :-p).

The interesting concept of the exhibition was dreamt up by artist Francesco Vezzoli and was launched to mark the opening of Prada's expanded and renovated store on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris!

Entrance sign of the 24 h Museum | Sponsored by Prada

Press taking photos. Love the neon pink lights (despite not being a fan of pink!) | Sponsored by Prada

According the the little pamphlet I received, the 24 h Museum is divided into three sections, each inspired by a particular type of museum space: historic, contemporary, and forgotten. For info on the "icons" and sculptures featured in the different rooms, make sure to check out the event website!

Meantime, get ready to feast your eyes on the visual treats below... :-)

Room 1: Experiment and Contemporary | Sponsored by Prada

One of Vezzoli's icons turned into a scuplture | Sponsored by Prada

Another of Vezzoli's icons immortalized | Sponsored by Prada

Close-up. | Sponsored by Prada

Looking quite angelic here... | Sponsored by Prada

"Hmm, doesn't this remind of you the museum from SATC's series finale episode?"  | Sponsored by Prada

Another icon... | Sponsored by Prada

and another one... | Sponsored by Prada

Another close-up. | Sponsored by Prada

...and another one :-) There were eight icons in total. | Sponsored by Prada

Room 2: Classic and Propagandistic | Sponsored by Prada

Don't forget to "Like" on Facebook :-) | Sponsored by Prada

Room 3: Storage or Salon des Refusés Sponsored by Prada

J'adore. Love the gigantic disco ball! | Sponsored by Prada

Dance floor. | Sponsored by Prada

Love the play with lights. | Sponsored by Prada

24 h Museum Guide + cute button! | Sponsored by Prada

For those who couldn't make it to Paris to check out the 24-hour event, Prada launched a Facebook campaign inviting fans to still take part in the celebration by creating and posting your very own self-portrait on the 24 h Museum's online gallery! Of course, being a Facebook addict and social media nut, I couldn't resist posting my very on pièce de résistance framed by Francesco Vezzoli. Do you like? :-)

Having fun... online :-) | Sponsored by Prada

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