January 25, 2012

Day 22 : Part Trois - The pâtisserie tour continues... Angelina!

Finally, after a day out at the museums, Miss Y and I decided to talk a stroll across the Seine and check out another pâtisserie near the Louvre... Angelina! Voted as one of the best pastry shops in Paris, we knew we had to make a stop here, and I must say we had a delicious time indeed :-)

In terms of the desserts, while they may not have been as orgasmic as the ones we tasted at our visit to La Pâtisserie des Rêves, the treats were still very yummy and definitely worth the trip! Also, unlike the modern flair of the tea room at La Pâtisserie des RêvesAngelina's parlor room offers a little more touch of traditional French elegance and sophistication that invites you to stay and chat with your girlfriends for hours... Yasuyo and I sure know--we ended up closing the place down and left just before they shut the doors at 7:00pm! Definitely a great way to end a perfect day in Paris :-)

Angelina | 3e arrondissement 

 Lovely mosaic. | Angelina

Dessert time!! | Angelina 

"Ooooo! Now how do I decide...?!" | Angelina  

"May one of these?" | Angelina 

Bird's eye view. | Angelina 

"Oh, gosh. What about one of these...?!" | Angelina 

"Okay, would it be bad if I got two desserts instead of one?" | Angelina  

"Macarons!! Oh dear, now I'm in trouble..." | Angelina 

Waiting to be seated... lovely display. | Angelina 

View from our table in the balcony. J'adore. | Angelina 

Finally settled on the Millefeuille. Yum! | Angelina 

Being France, of course, we needed to order a side of des frites with our desserts :-p | Angelina  

Yasuyo went the Carla. Yum Yum! | Angelina 

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