January 26, 2012

Day 23 : Rewind --> Art Day... in Le Marais!

Unfortunately, it's another gray and rainy day here in Paris. After yesterday's action-packed adventure, I've decided to be a hermit today and stay inside to catch up on emails and homework. While combing through my files in my computer, though, I realized that I somehow forgot to share with you my little Parisan expedition to Le Marais over the weekend! (Yeah, despite my horrible cold, I had to flee the nest on Sunday for some fresh air. Otherwise, I always end up going stir crazy...). 

I first heard about Le Marais from my sister when were planning our last visit to Paris back in September. I remembered she had put it on our list of places to see, but sadly we were in town for only a weekend and could only see so much :-/  Anyway, home to the Centre Pompidou, a building complex which houses the largest museum of modern art in Europe, Le Marais has often been described as one of the liveliest, loveliest and most beautiful quartier of Paris. It's also one of the few places in Paris where most of the shops are open on Sunday! Rain or shine, the old narrow streets filled with trendy fashion boutiques, restaurants and antique shops are perfect for wandering about and just getting lost for a day...

Centre Pompidou | 3e arrondissement 

High-tech architecture | Centre Pompidou

When I first read about this building, I was such a big fan... | Centre Pompidou 

...but in person, it's so much more interesting and fun. | Centre Pompidou  

Giant air ducts. | Centre Pompidou  

Interesting juxtaposition with the historic buildings in the back.| Centre Pompidou  

I must say I love the charm of the old historic buildings in this neighborhood... It almost feels like you're walking back in time! Below are a few fun discoveries I made while out and about in Le Marais :-)

Wow, look what I found just across the street from Centre Pompidou... love this gallery. Didn't realize they had one in Paris! | Yellow Korner

Great gallery to find wonderful limited series of photographs and accessible art :-) | Yellow Korner 

Oooo! Tempted to bring this home as a souvenir... | Yellow Korner  

Love this one, too! | Yellow Korner   

A splash of red! J'adore. | Tabio, 15, rue Vieille du Temple, 4e arrondissement  

Great selection of cool tights and funky socks (and you can even get them monogrammed on-site, too!) | Tabio

Beautiful mosaic.| Tabio

Ha! Look what I found next door... I guess I know where to go to fix my hot-dog craving in case I ever get homesick :-) | US Hot Dog stand in Le Marais

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