January 27, 2012

Day 24 : Part Deux - Le Chateaubriand + Snails = Yummy!

After running around all day at The Happiest Place in Europe, I found myself so hungry when I got back to Paris earlier this evening that I'm certain I could have eaten a whole cow! Thankfully, Edouard, our new, très gentil Parisian friend/local tour guide had booked a table at Le Chateaubriand (11, rue de Washington, 8e arrondissement), so that he, Yasuyo, Kurt and I could all catch up and start planning our big road trip to the French countryside/South of France next month! Let me say, like last time, he once again did not let us down!!  Merci beaucoup, Edouard!

To be honest, after three bottles of wine at dinner, my memory is a little blurry from tonight... Thank goodness for the pictures below to remind us of what fun we had! Besides the entertaining charades we had at the dinner table, gastronomic highlights from tonight's feast include: 1) l'escargots (translation: snails!!); 2) cheesecake for dessert (so yummy we had to order a second one!); and 3) amazing, warm hospitality from the Le Chateaubriand staff (especially our serveuse for the evening who even gave a certain gentleman at our table a little kiss on the cheek as a thank you for his nice compliment :-p)!

Old frenchman with awesome shades? Haven't tried the food yet, but I already know I'm going to love this place... | Le Chateaubriand

 A short history lesson before dinner :-) | Le Chateaubriand 

Edouard et Kurt | Le Chateaubriand 

To be honest, can't remember exactly what this is... Edouard had ordered it for us, but it was super delicious!! | Le Chateaubriand 

L'escargots. | Le Chateaubriand 

Let me just say again, I love l'escargots. This actually wasn't the first time I've had snails for dinner--tried them on my very first trip to Paris back in 2003 and remembered how surprisingly delicious they were. Of course, when I saw it on the menu earlier, I knew we had to order it... One little road bump, though, I also wanted to Yasuyo to try it out--I mentioned the idea to her a couple times before, but she always seemed like she could never be entirely convinced... that is until earlier tonight! Maybe thanks in part to the bottles of wine, I somehow managed to sell the idea to her this time! Even more impressive, we practically devoured the plate of snails in a matter of minutes! Bravo! Well done, Miss Yoyo!! ;-)

Moi: "Delicious, right?!" | Snail + Yasuyo

Yum! J'adore! | Le Chateaubriand

Confit de canard. C'est délicieux! | Le Chateaubriand

third bottle of wine = good times. | Le Chateaubriand

Edouard cleaning off the dessert plate...! | Le Chateaubriand

Big thanks again to Eduoard for planning another fabulous evening! and let's not forget--also for our lovely present, a mini 2012 Best Restaurants in Paris Guide!! Yay!

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